Our Vision

Trewern exists to provide a residential experience for young people and to promote experiential learning through a variety of educational experiences, in an environment that contrasts with their home area.

 Our Values

  • To promote a healthy lifestyle
  • To project positive role models
  • To broaden horizons
  • To provide a safe haven for all children, especially those at risk or in crisis
  • To provide an opportunity for learning, in a challenging environment
  • To provide a stimulating environment that encourages self-expression and personal development
  • To help students develop life skills and manage risk through responsible behaviour
  • To embrace opportunities to work harmoniously with others

All staff at the centre are familiar with the Thrive approach, and undertake regular safeguarding training. We endeavour to make the centre a home away from home, where young people can feel comfortable, which we believe allows them to excel. We regularly witness young people make huge leaps in their personal development, driven by increased confidence, a sense of community and interconnectedness, founded on their own resilience and independence.

Trewern History

Trewern was opened in 1967 as an outdoor pursuits centre for the schools of Barking and is now an educational facility for the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham.

The intervening years have seen many developments which have increased the versatility of the service that we offer. Currently the Centre is open throughout the year and runs courses during the week and at weekends for both school and adult groups.

Built in 1904 the house was originally classified as a medium sized family residence.