Our guide to a “standard” day at the centre, although no day is ever really standard and rarely runs to all of the times shown here!


7.30am(ish) Wake up


7.50am Serving duty group get ready for breakfast


8.00am Breakfast (toast, cereal, yoghurt, fruit). Young people make their own packed lunch (bread rolls are from a local bakery). Duties (clearing up, washing up etc.).


9.00am Trewern staff meet with visiting teachers to discuss the day.


9.15am Trewern staff meet young people to brief them about plans for the day. Young people break out into activity groups, where Trewern staff give specific details about what they’ll be doing and what they need to wear/get ready. Young people go to their rooms to prepare shower bags , get dressed and such. See the kit list for the sort of thing they might need to wear.

10 to 10.30am

10.00-10.30am Young people meet Trewern staff again to receive any specialist equipment they need and if necessary, board the minibuses.

10.30am - 4.30pm

10.30am-4.30pm On activity. Occasionally, half day activities may mean returning to the centre for lunch, but generally young people do not go to their rooms, unless showers are needed. Some activities are on site, but the majority involve some travel, which could take up to an hour.


4.30pm Return to centre, put specialist kit away, showers. Shower bags are kept in the kit room, so that young people can go straight to shower blocks without needing to go to their rooms first (potentially spreading mud/water everywhere).


4.30-6.00pm Free time. Once showered, young people are free to do what they like. This time could be spent in the lounge or other communal areas, where there are board games, books and colouring in. In the summer, young people can often go outside, where there are balls and other outdoor play equipment.


5.40pm Serving duty group report to dining room to lay tables for dinner.


6.00pm Dinner -usually 3 courses: homemade soup, main, dessert. Menus are usually set ahead of the course by the organising member of visiting staff. It’s really important that any dietary requirements are passed on to us in advance. Duties (clearing away, washing up and similar).


7.30pm Evening activity. Often outside, young people need to wear appropriate clothing.


9.00pm Back inside, winding down for bed. Some duties (filling water bottles, laying table for breakfast).


Bed time varies, set by visiting staff. Often a bed time and then lights out.

First and last days are different, often taken up with briefings/admin, fire drills, settling in/packing up time. One evening a week, generally a Wednesday is run by visiting staff, and could be literally anything they fancy doing, but might include opening our tuck shop.