The Hill and Moorland Leader award (HML is for those who wish to lead a group of hill walkers in non- mountainous hilly terrain in the UK. You will learn such skills as group management, navigation, emergency procedures, access and conservation and remote supervision.

HML training and assessment courses are run over three consecutive days or two weekends.

Not sure whether to choose ML or WGL?

Think of HML as ML without the wild camping, the movement on steep ground or the ropework. The standard of navigation is the same but does not involve steep or rocky terrain. You are expected to navigate with the same accuracy as for ML but over terrain known variously as moorland, hill, fell, bog or down. The terrain is well defined by obvious boundaries, such as roads and coastlines.

Hill and Moorland Leader – further information

This award is for leaders of walking groups in non-mountainous hilly terrain, known variously as upland, moor, bog, hill, fell or down. Such areas are often subject to extreme weather conditions and require an element of self-sufficiency. The scheme seeks to develop the skills necessary to lead walking groups in these areas.

Leaders seeking to take groups into mountain terrain should register for the ML Award, although the HML award can be a valuable stepping stone for those wishing to progress to the ML scheme.

Before undertaking the WGL you should have a minimum of one year’s hillwalking experience and an interest in leading groups. To get the most out of your training course you should have logged at least 20 day hillwalks.

Please contact the office for more details.

What you should know

Purpose: Training and assessment courses for those who wish to lead groups in non mountainous terrain in the UK

Prerequisites: Check with relevant home nations national governing body.

Mountain Training

Venues: Local low level hills and moorland areas.