Robert Clack Biology 2018

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Another great week with the Robert Clack A-level biologists, here for a week of fieldwork and fun. 25 students came up to enjoy 3 days of biology and 1 day of outdoor activity in the blazing hot sun, and had a fantastic time. There was a day looking at succession on the sand dunes at Crymlyn Burrows, another looking at feeding relationships on the river Dulas, which is local to the centre, and a further day down on the Gower coast at Port Eynon to investigate zonation of the rock shore there. The students’ work ethic was amazing, applying themselves with great gusto to their tasks, learning about sampling techniques, habitats and ecosystems, and all of it with a smile on their faces (and the occasional song). The reward for all their efforts was a day of outdoor ed, and given the choice, most plumped for a day’s gorge-walking, with a handful going for a day of canoeing on the River Wye. Both groups had a lot of fun, and in this weather a wet activity was really the only sensible option, which the gorge-walkers really got into, and even a couple of the canoeists had an ‘accidental’ capsize. Anyway, we thoroughly enjoyed having you all here, and we wish you all the best for the future. There are a few more photos in the Gallery.