Ripple Primary School

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It’s been a fantastic week at Trewern with beautiful sunshine and warm weather, not to mention the year 5 and 6 pupils from Ripple primary School that have been sharing it with us! They have been working hard at their independence skills by doing a little more for themselves each day and by organising their own clothing and equipment. Working together has also been an important theme and our teamwork has been steadily improving as the week has progressed. Mention must also be made of the determination to succeed shown by the Ripple group. This was evident in all the activities but this year the group was able to include a session on our BMX track. Many children were able to improve their skills enough to ride the track and several children learned to ride a bike for the first time! Well done to you all and come back soon.G2 Canoeing (2) G1 canoe (30) G2 Canoeing (19) G1 canoe (33) G1 Caving (42) G1 Caving (54)