Jo Richardson GCSE Geography Course 2018

Categories: Field Studies,News,Outdoor Education

Back in January we played host to the GCSE Geographers from Jo Richardson Community School, and what a fine week it was! They were here to enhance their experience and knowledge of fieldwork, particularly in physical geography, and we spent a lot of our time in coastal environments. We had one day looking at coastal processes and management on the Glamorgan Heritage Coast, using the beaches around Aberthaw and Col Huw to investigate beach formation and sediment sorting. This is a particularly useful part of the Welsh coastline for this, with an 8,000 mile fetch, high tidal range, consistent geology and some interesting approaches to coastal protection, plus a rather important power station. Day two saw us on Crymlyn Burrows sand dunes near Swansea, investigating the process of succession over time and its impact on biodiversity. Both days generated plenty of data to work with and valuable experiences for the students to draw on when their exam comes around at the end of Year 11. Their reward was a day of outdoor activities in the Brecon Beacons, with one group opting for a gorge walking day in Blaen-y-glyn and the other going caving. The best of the photos are below (caving pictures didn’t come out very well unfortunately), and there’s a few more in the gallery