Cave Instructor Certificate (CIC)

award-caveThe Cave Instructor Certificate (CIC) Scheme is the highest instructing award designed for those involved in introducing others to caving, passing technical skills on to others and instructing in a variety of caves at different technical levels. The scheme has four sections – enrolment, training, assessment and issue of an award.

Prior to entering the scheme, prospective candidates should have a minimum of 2 years experience of the exploration of caves, potholes and abandoned mines. The candidate should be over 18 years of age and have achieved a suitable level of experience before undertaking a training course. After this the candidate may then go forward to be assessed against a set of modules. On successful completion of these modules, the candidate shall be given the CIC. The award is valid for a period of three years and is subject to conditions of maintaining a level of activity and holding a valid first aid certificate. A CIC holder can revalidate the award for periods of an additional three years by undergoing a revalidation process.

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What you should know

Name: (CIC) Cave Instructor Certificate

Purpose: Training and assessment courses for those who wish to instruct at a higher technical level.

Prerequisites: Check with relevant national governing body.

BCA – British Caving Association

Venues: A variety of location across the UK.

Assessment dates available on request from