Cave Instructor Certificate (CIC)

The Cave Instructor Certificate is the highest instructing award and is designed for those involved in introducing others to caving, passing on technical skills and instructing in a variety of caves at different technical levels. Prior to entering the scheme, prospective candidates should have a minimum of 2 years experience of the exploration of caves, potholes and abandoned mines. The candidate should be over 18 years of age and have achieved a suitable level of experience before undertaking a training course.

Completion of the CIC Scheme is seen as being particularly appropriate for those wishing to work professionally in instructed caving and needing a formal check on their all-round competence. It is also the relevant qualification for those offering technical caving advice to organisations (e.g. to Outdoor Activity Centres). CIC holders should be able to work with novice and more experienced groups alike, in a safe, competent and professional manner with due regard for environmental care. A high degree of fluency and proficiency in the use of modern techniques enables the CIC holder to teach these effectively to interested cavers.
For further details refer to the British Caving Association website