St Margarets Primary School

Last Primary group of the term, and what fabulous weather we’ve had for it! Crisp, clear skies made the Mountains seem quite magical. St Margaret’s students proved themselves to be fit and ‘gutsy’, tackling all challenges with enthusiasm and loads of energy. They also showed us their more artistic side too, spending one evening bringing Christmas…

Becontree Primary School

Year 6 pupils from Becontree Primary School enjoyed a busy week at Trewern last week. They arrived buzzing and ready for action on Monday afternoon so after dinner, Dave took them straight into the climbing wall for bouldering and games. The following day, both groups were still full of energy so a mountain walk was…

John Perry Primary school

A week with John Perry Primary students – a lot of rough weather – did that stop us? Absolutely not; the challenge was greater which gave us a fantastic ‘buzz’ feeling. Best activity – most of us voted for the mountain walk. Hard work, but what views!

Gilbert Colvin Primary School

Well done year 6 pupils from Gilbert Colvin School for putting so much effort and hard work into your week. Whether caving, canoeing, climbing, gorge walking or mountaineering you always tried your hardest and you should be proud of your achievements. Just as great was the additional work you put in around the centre to…

Norlington Boys

Norlington School brought a group of 42 Year 8 and 9 boys to Trewern this week, and what a way to start the new school year! The sun shone on us and we’ve had a super busy week. The boys showed an excellent attitude towards every aspect of centre life, throwing themselves into any challenge we…

Duke of Edinburgh ‘Gold’ residential

More DofE ‘gold’ news – Enthusiastic participants now returned to Hereford station after an action packed ‘residential’. Candidate feedback on our website, for all to see. We look forward to viewing the video which one of the course members, Sam, is putting together for us. Well done guys and safe homeward journey.

The Vibe Duke of Edinburgh Gold Qualifying Canoe Expedition

Well done Kayela, Emerald, Jessie, Christina, Daniel, James, Ezra and Leon for completing your canoe qualifying expedition in such good style. You should be very proud of yourselves. One hundred and seven kilometres is no walk in the park. To complete it so efficiently is a real achievement. Congratulations.

Portsmouth Grammar School

We had a great week last week with 19 students from Portsmouth Grammar School. There was certainly a competitive edge to the week and we managed to fit in a plenty of challenge to keep the students thinking. The weather was great again which helped with the holiday feeling! We hope you all have a good…


Year 16 of an annual summer W/E at Trewern for this group of friends from Peterborough! As usual many laughs, along with a good dose of ‘girls V boys’ rivalry.